The hereafter By Jessica Bucher

My review for

The hereafter


Jessica Bucher

4 out of 5 stars

Where to begin with this wonderful story?

We first meet Nin, a young woman who is going to be graduating from high school very soon. Her best friend Serena and her planned out their future for California. However Nin’s dad is upset and doesn’t want her to go away really. See Nin has been helping clean up her dad’s mess almost her whole life because her mom couldn’t deal and left. She lives with her dad and grandma. Her dad battles with drinking and depression. But when something happens that’s out of her control she takes on the guilt and blame. She starts setting out on a I don’t care anymore life. She meets Matthew someone a little older then her. Matthew doesn’t treat her well and has a shady business. Which Nin finds out a little late.

Then we meet Dylan who has had a rough life where no one has really cared for him his whole life. He gets into serious trouble selling drugs and such. Dylan finally calls his brother from jail. Derek is only to happy to “help” his little brother out.

Derek tells him how he can make money and be his partner and it’s all great no trouble. But before long Dylan realizes this isn’t what he signed up for, however the money is great. But everything comes down to that one second that can change everything.

Nin finds herself on a beach not knowing why or how except one thing she knows is true… She died… But how?

Dylan wakes up by a trash bin in an alley and not sure how it why?

He meets Nin on the beach and they both have questions and aren’t sure why they are the only two around.

Check this lovely book out about love, changing the past and future.


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