My guest reviewer is back and she loves her Star Trek and here she is with a review of William:

Read why she feels this book is 5 out of 5 stakes!

This is a fun book about rules that he’s learned through the years. Some of them are silly and a few are serious. It’s a hillarious book he even says that he skips around subjects but he can do that because he’s eighty! 5 out of 5 stakes!

Guest review by Jessica. I am Spock by Leonard Nimoy

4.5 out of 5 stakes!

This book is the story of how the character of Spock has influenced Leonard Nimoy’s life. Leonard had a great deal of influence on how Spock was created. He goes on to say it’s the best experience he has ever had. 4.5 out of 5 stakes.

Hello everyone, I have my guest reviewer back… Jessica.

These are her thoughts:

She loved it so much she gave it 5 out of 5 stakes!

Leonard is an amazing story about William Shatner’s friendship with Leonard Nimoy. They shared a special friendship and William stated that he has never had a great friendship like the one he shared with Leonard. His love for Leonard really shows through in his writing. It is very sad that he was never able to find out why Leonard would not speak to him for his last year in life. 5 out of 5 stakes.

Broken beautiful Hearts by Kami Garcia My thoughts on this 5 stakes review and more.

5 out of 5 stakes!

I really enjoyed this book, the characters all had something to add. Some good and some bad. I loved Peyton’s twin cousins. They looked out for her as if she was their little sister, when in fact she is older then them by a few months.
We see how the book starts off that Peyton has everything going for her, she is accepted into a great college early and on a great soccer team. Awesome sweet boyfriend, great friends and fantastic best friend.

But that all changes one night when Peyton discovers something about her oh so great boyfriend. And when he gets mad things end bad for Peyton and her dream of becoming a soccer player. And when no one believes Peyton when she tells them the truth, things get worse. Friends whom she thought she trusted turn their backs and her best friend believes her brother instead.

So when Peyton’s mother decides its best for her to move to her uncle’s to get better the next 4 months, she decides yeah it might be best. But there Peyton is afraid her uncle will tell her how her father died. Peyton doesn’t want to hear all the details. She just wants to get through physical therapy and play soccer in time for spring. But she doesn’t count on meeting Owen who wins her over without really trying. And making a new good friend in Grace and her male cousins. But her past is coming back to haunt her in the present. He ex can’t just let her go. I honestly don’t want to give anymore away then that. I will say Peyton sometimes annoyed me with her thinking, that she can do everything herself and doesn’t need help. I get that to a certain extin however with her wearing a brace… She is going to need help. I want another book to read more about these characters.


From #1 New York Times–bestselling author Kami Garcia comes a red-hot romance that will break your heart and put it back together again.

Her heart has to break before it can open.

When star soccer player Peyton Rios receives an offer from her first-choice college, senior year starts off exactly as planned. But when Peyton uncovers her boyfriend’s dark secret, she confronts him—and finds herself falling down a flight of stairs. Peyton’s knee—and maybe her dream of going pro—is shattered. Everyone is talking: Was she pushed, or did she fall? Peyton knows the truth, even if no one believes her.

He has to let someone in before it’s too late.

With her future on the line, Peyton goes to stay with her uncle in a small Tennessee town to focus on her recovery. Dating is the last thing on her mind—until she meets sweet, sexy Owen Law.

But Peyton doesn’t trust her heart, especially when she senses that Owen is hiding something. When their secrets are finally exposed, Peyton has to decide if love is worth fighting for.

Tess pulls into the hospital driveway and stops near the glass doors to the ER. She leaves the car running and hops out. “I’ll be right back.”

Once I’m alone, the panic hits me full-force. Some of the shock of Reed pushing me has worn off, and now all I can think about is my knee.

What if I can’t play soccer anymore? Permanent damage could keep me off the field—and end my career before it begins. Every once in a while you hear about a situation like this on the news. A high school athlete blows out a knee or an elbow during senior year, and it’s game over. What else will I do if soccer isn’t an option?

Nothing. I’ll do nothing.

Going pro has been my dream for as long as I remember. The folded acceptance letter is still tucked in my back pocket. I don’t have a plan B.

Tess returns with two nurses, and the three of them to help me out of the car and into a wheelchair. Inside, a nurse wheels me through a pair of double doors that lead to an examination area, where hospital beds are lined up along the walls and separated by privacy curtains. Once I’m settled in a hospital bed, Tess sits with me as the nurse takes down my personal information.

“Can you tell me where it hurts and describe the pain?” the nurse asks. “I’ve had some shooting pains, but there’s also a weird pulling feeling.

Is that bad?” I ask.

“I’m not a doctor, sweetheart. But don’t worry. This is an excellent hospital.” The nurse takes notes on a form attached to her clipboard. “How would you rate your pain, on a scale of one to ten? One being no pain and ten being unbearable pain.”

“If I don’t move my knee, it’s around a five. But if I bend it, the pain shoots up to an eight or nine.”

More like a ten.

I’m trying to be brave. A ten seems like a pain level of someone who survived a car crash, not a fall down the stairs. But if the nurse asked me to rate how scared I am right now, it’s a twelve.

“How did you hurt your knee?” the nurse asks.

If I say Reed pushed me intentionally, he might get arrested. If Tess weren’t in the picture, I would’ve called the police already.

But Mrs. Michaels can’t support herself and Tess on her own. She tried before and it didn’t go well. It seemed like every year they were moving into another crummy apartment. When Mrs. Michaels ran out of friends’ couches to crash on, Reed started working even more extra hours to help out.

“I fell down a flight of stairs,” I say.

“Did you hit your knee against anything?” She scribbles more notes on her clipboard.

“My kneecap hit the ground.”

“On the sidewalk,” Tess adds, wringing her hands.

The nurse finishes writing. “A doctor is going to come and take a look. Can I call someone for you?”

“I already talked to her mom,” Tess says. “She’s on her way.”

“I’ll be back to check on you in a few minutes.” The nurse pulls the privacy curtain around the bed, and Tess and I are alone again.

“Thanks for not saying anything,” she says.

“I know you don’t believe me, but I’m telling the truth.”

Tess presses the heels of her hands against her temples, like she’s fighting the worst headache of her life. “I don’t know what you want me to say. You’re my best friend. I want to believe you. But we’re talking about Reed. He’s my brother. He wouldn’t lie to me. And he loves you. He’d never hurt you.”

Until tonight I thought the same thing.

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Kami was a teacher for seventeen years and coauthored her first novel on a dare from seven of her students. If she isn’t busy watching Supernatural, Kami can teach you how to escape from a pair of handcuffs or bake a Coca-Cola cake. Kami lives in Maryland with her family and their dogs, Spike and Oz.











By a Charm and a Curse by Jamie Questell

5 out of 5 stakes!!

Amazing is what this book is. I loved it. I feel bad for what had to happen for Emma to get to know Ben. But that’s how a well written story goes. You can’t have it easy. In this book a kiss isn’t just a kiss. It ends up being everything and also very little to do with just a kiss. I really liked how everything came together with the curse and charm. Sure I guessed a few things, but the twist I didn’t exactly see coming. I really didn’t think what happened was going to happen.