My review for Seize Today ( Forget Tomorrow, #3) by Pintip Dunn

5 out of 5 stakes!

Another 5 stars for the 3rd book. I like how each of these books were told from someone else. Olivia told the story in this one. I truly felt bad for her throughout the book. It seemed like everything was against her no matter what path she picked. The outcome usually showed she is the bad guy. But we also get more of Jessa’s Best Friend Ryder. When Ryder gets captured by Olivia’s mom she forces his future memory out of him.
But what few people see changes some things. Because Ryder is now linked to Olivia in a way that most didn’t forsee.
Time is running out for everyone and they must work together to figure out how to stop Olivia’s future memory from coming true.
They must build a realm machine to take them to an alternate version of the world they live in. Because people are fading away, talking to people who aren’t there. Because their minds and some of their bodies are in a different universe.
I like how Olivia and Ryder start getting along and realize they actually do have a lot in common.
We really do need another book,
I just love this series.


My review on Remember Yesterday ( Forget Tomorrow #2) by Pintip Dunn

5 out 5 Stakes!

Damn what an awesome book. Of course I love this second book. I mean I miss Callie. But her sister Jessa is just as cool. We are ten years into the future from when Callie died. So we meet an older Jessa, who thinks she isn’t good enough. That everyone loved her sister and wasted her time saving the unimportant sister. But what she doesn’t realize everything that is happening is for a reason, she just doesn’t know it yet.
Jessa, officially meets Tanner who is a scientist and thinks he is God’s gift, so perfect. But as we know from reading the first book everyone isn’t as they seem. While Jessa is always doing near death adventures and causing trouble she learns a secret that few only know about and have been keeping it a secret for 10 years.
She realizes she has to go back to the past to change and save things. But can she travel back in time without messing up the present or future? Will she forgive Tanner for what he knows and has done without realizing it? Everything is up to Jessa, the girl who thinks the wrong sister died.
I’m reading the 3rd book now.