My review on The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

5 out of 5 Stakes!

This book… Wow it is incredible. I mean you will not be disappointed at all. The characters are so awesome and you feel for all of them in some way. With Mallory’s character we learn pretty quickly that she has had a hard childhood and I do mean hard. Which forces her to be who she is and not who she could be or what she wants to be. The level of abuse she she see’s and goes through is so sad. Mallory becomes so quiet and doesn’t like to talk with anyone or do anything with lots of people. Mallory decides that for her senior year of high school she will try public school. Her foster parents who took her in are a little worried but are behind her.
When she runs into someone from her past that went through the same childhood and protected her as much as he could shows up in her class. Its like wow… Rider however still lives in the guilt past that he couldn’t protect Mallory. Rider was never told he matters and doesn’t take anything serious. No matter how much Mallory tells him he matters. And until something devastating happens neither one realizes what the other really feels. I spent my time saying Come on Rider… Or aww damn Mallory you are cool.


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