My review for After Impact by Nicole Stark

5 out of 5 stakes!

Wow this book is amazing. I love how it’s placed in the future. This book is how I would like things to go as far as having an underground facility. I mean picture it something happens to Earth where you have a chance to save people. But the catch is to be frozen and woken up in the future. But for Avalon leaving her friends and her father behind is hard for her. Avalon wakes up and quickly becomes friends with Ilium, a nice med guy. However she finds a hologram message from her father not to trust anyone. As things start to unravel inside the place Avalon realizes things aren’t really as they seem. People mysteriously goes missing and die. But it’s all being covered up. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, a big twist comes into play. Please hurry with the second book. Love this book so much.

My review for Project Pandora By Aden Polydoros. Author links, buying links and giveaway all below:

My review for Project Pandora (Assassin Fall #1)

By Aden Polydoros

5 out of 5 stakes!

Wow and I do mean wow. This book goes there with the government. I was reading this thinking oh my goodness what if? Crazy to really stop and think about it though. I love this book and want to know what happens next. Tyler is standing in the kitchen kind of in a daze with a gun in his hand. He doesn’t know why or how he got there. Then he realizes he has blood on him. Tyler thinks wait he can’t be I didn’t shoot someone? I should be at school, why am I here?? We meet Hades who seems to love killing people for fun and doesn’t realize he has been brainwashed to do so. Hades is the only guy who knows he is doing this. Tyler tries to stop himself when he realizes something isn’t right, and he knows it’s all connected to his burner phone that he doesn’t remember getting. Tyler meets Shannon and feels a connection to her. But doesn’t realize that they already know each other in another way. Can Tyler figure out how and why Shannon and him know each other before it’s to late? See in this book they are taking foster kids and making them into whatever they want with brainwashing and other means. Pick this book up if you are curious, I was and I love it.

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About the book:

Project Pandora (Assassin Fall #1) by Aden Polydoros Publication Date: August 1, 2017 Publisher: Entangled Teen Tyler Bennett trusts no one. Just another foster kid bounced from home to home, he’s learned that lesson the hard way. Cue world’s tiniest violin. But when strange things start happening—waking up with bloody knuckles and no memory of the night before or the burner phone he can’t let out of his sight— Tyler starts to wonder if he can even trust himself. Even stranger, the girl he’s falling for has a burner phone just like his. Finding out what’s really happening only leads to more questions…questions that could get them both killed. It’s not like someone’s kidnapping teens lost in the system and brainwashing them to be assassins or anything, right? And what happens to rogue assets who defy control? In a race against the clock, they’ll have to uncover the truth behind Project Pandora and take it down—before they’re reactivated. Good thing the program spent millions training them to kick ass…

Author information:

Aden Polydoros grew up in Long Grove, Illinois, the youngest of three children. Aden’s family moved to Arizona when he was in second grade. As a kid, he spent much of his time exploring the desert near his home. When he wasn’t searching for snakes and lizards, he was raiding the bookshelves of the local library. As a teenager, Aden decided that he wanted to be a writer. He spent his free time writing short stories. He was encouraged by his English teacher to try his hand at writing a novel, which inspired him to begin PROJECT PANDORA. The YA thriller is set for publication with Entangled Publishing in Summer of 2017. He is represented by Mallory Brown of Triada US.

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My review for Night Shift by Charlane Harris

4 out of 5 stakes!

This last book which I really hope it’s not the last book in this little series. Because we find out a whole lot about everyone in this little town of Midnight. We see what the reasons are for everyone coming there. We knew Manfred’s reason. We also meet a new person. Olivia and Fiji become I guess maybe actual friends. Some secrets come out in this book about everyone as well. The town comes together to get rid of the evil, however they find out they are all key players in some way to stop it. Book moved a little slow at first, but once things started happening it went by fast. I like that this one more so then the other two told the points of everyone in town.

My review for Dayshift by Charlane Harris

4 out of 5 stakes!

As if this book couldn’t suck you in even more then the first one. This one we learn a little bit more about the midnighters. Which I love. Because I’m curious about their past and who they are. Manfred finds himself in a little bit of trouble in this second book. One of his clients dies in the middle of helping her. From there he is accused of stealing from the woman and maybe murder… And that’s just the start of it. Soon the town gets more people moving in because the hotel redone. A mystery there in itself. And the rev has an unexpected guest. The town really comes together again in this one. So much goes on that before you know it, it’s done.

My review for To all the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han

4 out of 5 stakes!

I enjoyed this book for what is a young adult story. Which I love YA books. I gave it 4 stars, because first off how can the main character Lara Jean just stop trying to figure out how those love letters got mailed out? And if she loved the hat box her mother gave her so much why didn’t she press her dad more about it?? Or even look everywhere in the house and maybe just maybe ask Josh to help out? But okay maybe she admitted to herself well what’s done is done? I felt bad that her love letters got mailed out, especially to Josh her sister’s ex. I was thinking oh no that letter was so long ago now what will be think? Then there is Peter, I don’t know if he really likes Lara Jean or not? I mean it’s all suppose to be fake right? I will be reading the next two books to see how everything turns out. This book is cute and some funny parts.

My review for Anne of the Island and giveaway, buying links all below:

My review for Anne of the Island By L.M. Montgomery Narrated By Colleen Winton

5 out of 5 stakes!

This is another audio book which I love it. In this 3rd book Anne and a few college friends rent a house together instead of boarding at someone’s house. They find a place not far from their college so it works out for them. Everyone is being courted in this book and finding adult life kind of hard.

When Anne goes home for a visit she see’s some of her childhood friends but realize lots has change over the year away at school. A dear friend passes away. And Diana is getting married.

I think Anne really struggles with herself a lot in this book. With trying to become a writer and holding on to friendships. Anne and Gilbert end up getting distant again. Because Anne doesn’t feel the same way about him as he does her. She ends up being courted by a rich young man whom she feels she is in love with. Anne’s friends are happy for her, however some are holding out for Gilbert.

When there is a rumor going around that Gilbert is engaged to another female, Anne doesn’t want to admit she is jealous. She compares herself to the female. Anne’s take on everything I think gets in the way of her finding out she does belong with Gilbert. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series to see what else Anne gets herself into and if she marries Gilbert.

About the Audiobooks Author: L.M. Montgomery Narrator: Colleen Winton Length: 10 hours 7 minutes; 9 hours 5 minutes; 8 hours 20 minutes Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press⎮2014 Genre: Classics Series: Anne of Green Gables, Books 1-3

Synopsis of Book 3:

Anne of the Island was published in 1915, seven years after the best-selling Anne of Green Gables, partly because of the continuing clamor for more Anne from her fans – a fan base that continues to grow today! In this continuation of the story of Anne Shirley, Anne leaves Green Gables and her work as a teacher in Avonlea to pursue her original dream (which she gave up in Anne of Green Gables) of taking further education at Redmond College in Nova Scotia. Gilbert Blythe and Charlie Sloane enroll as well, as does Anne’s friend from Queen’s Academy, Priscilla Grant. During her first week of school, Anne befriends Philippa Gordon, a beautiful girl whose frivolous ways charm her. Philippa (Phil for short) also happens to be from Anne’s birthplace of Bolingbroke, Nova Scotia. Anne, always the good scholar, studies hard, but she also has many life lessons. This book sees Anne leave behind girlhood to blossom into a mature young woman.

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I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Post Hypnotic Press. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

About the Author:

L.M. Montgomery Lucy Maud Montgomery OBE (November 30, 1874 – April 24, 1942) was a Canadian author best known Anne of Green Gables and the series of novels that book begins. The “Anne” of the books is Anne Shirley, an orphaned girl who comes to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert on their farm, Green Gables. Published in 1908, the book was an immediate success in Canada, the United States and beyond. It has been adapted multiple times to screen, stage, radio, and TV. Anne Shirley made Montgomery famous in her lifetime and gave her an international following. Anne of Green Gables was ranked number 41 in “The Big Read,” a survey of the British public by BBC to determine the “nation’s best-loved novel” (not children’s novel!). And a survey conducted by School Library Journal (USA) in 2012 ranked Anne of Green Gables number nine among all-time children’s novels. Anne of Green Gables was followed by a series of sequels with Anne as the central character. Montgomery published 20 novels as well as 530 short stories, 500 poems, and 30 essays in her lifetime. Her work, diaries and letters have been read and studied by scholars and readers worldwide. Mostly set in Prince Edward Island and locations within Canada’s smallest province, the books made PEI a literary landmark and popular tourist site. Montgomery was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1935. Website⎮Facebook⎮Twitter⎮Pinterest

About the Narrator:

Colleen Winton Colleen is a Vancouver actor, singer, dancer, director and choreographer…and now a narrator. Her career has taken her all over the country and includes the Stratford, Shaw and Charlottetown Festivals, the original Canadian companies of CATS and Show Boat, extensive film/TV credits, and numerous directing/choreographing credits. Her stage work has been honoured with numerous nominations and a Jessie and Ovation award and she received a cultural award given by her local Chamber of Commerce. She was especially pleased to have recorded the works of L.M. Montgomery for Post Hypnotic Press just before she embarked on a production of the musical Anne of Green Gables at Theatre Calgary in which she plays Marilla Cuthbert.

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My review on PS: I love you by Jamie Salisbury

4 out of 5 stakes!

I did enjoy this book. I like the characters. Meg moves back home to her small town after getting out of a 6 year bad relationship. Meg tries to adjust to being single and getting over the past couple of years. She runs into her old boyfriend from when she younger. Basil all grown up now, knows he wants Meg and will do anything to prove to her he is the man for her. Now throughout the book Meg and Basil meet up and hang out. Feelings start back up and it seems like they rush things. But that’s okay honestly. Basil is renovating a mansion and he ask Meg’s thoughts on it. From trying to find out who owned the house before the last owner and getting reconnected with her sister and running the shop things get busy. Plus Meg’s ex shows up a few times. Now how it ends it does leave you hanging. So you are thinking okay everything can’t be to good to be true where is the jerk ex? And what is Meg’s brother Jagger really hiding? So please hurry with the next book. I want to know will happen next…