My review for In the AfterLight By Alexandra Bracken

4 out of 5 stars!!

This final book was great. We are in the aftermath of what happened at the HQ in the Los Angeles area. Ruby and the others are in an underground area. As a last place, that no one knows about except the league.

As Ruby is trying to forgive herself about Jude and the others, she ends up pushing away Liam and everyone.

We learn a little more of how Cole thinks and why. Also how Cole remembers what it was like growing up for him and what Liam doesn’t really remember.

I think this book really showed how everyone really dealt with the loss of family and friends and what they did or didn’t do to move past it.

Nico still trying to forgive himself and prove himself to Ruby and the others. Clancy still up to no good, no matter how he wanted you to feel sorry for him. You really can’t, well at least I couldn’t. But an unexpected good thing happened with everyone. The cure is still mentioned a lot.

I kind of want another book. But that’s just me.


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