My review for A million Suns by Beth Revis

5 out of 5 stars!!

I truly love this series. Seems it just keeps getting better. The mystery of who is doing what and why?

In this second book we find that it has been 3 months and things are not any better on GodSpeed. Chaos is really hot to explain it, no one is listening to Elder make choices. They start rebelilling against him. Riots are going on and people die. Elder comes with having a police force, but even that isn’t working. Doc trying to help Elder makes patches to help subdue people and calm them just make it worse.

Amy just wants off GodSpeed and to wake her parents and figure out her feelings for Elder. But when she starts finding clues on how close they are to their actual planet and how to land GodSpeed. It becomes crazy, because some people don’t want to leave, and will stop at nothing to keep it that way.  Can Amy and Elder figure out their feelings for each other and a way to the new planet before the ship is in ruins?