My review for Don’t kiss the messenger.      ( Edgelake high school # 1 ) by Katie Ray. Tour schedule and buying links, and wining a copy all below:

My review for

Don’t kiss the messenger

( Edgelake high school #1 )


Katie Ray

5 out of 5 stars!
What a wonderful book about finding the right person even if one wasn’t looking. Cece goes through her life hiding the real her, walls up never letting anyone in. Because of her scar on her face people always star and mumble things to her. So Cece learns to deal with it and stand up up for herself.
But when Cece’s volleyball team gets a new girl who is so pretty named Bryn. Things really start to change. 

Emmett starts a new school and football team, he meets Cece and thinks wow she is great. Emmett likes her attitude, tries to push through to be a friend.

When Bryn see’s Emmett she turns shy and doesn’t know what to say. 

Emmett is imediantly smitten with Bryn. Bryn asked Cece to help her write Emmett.

Cece gives in, however she soon realizes that it was a mistake. She learns so much more about Emmett. He’s not just some football jock or music person, he’s much more.

The more the write back and fourth, the more he breaks Cece’s wall down. Emmett is falling for the girl who writes him everyday, but is it really Bryn he see’s? Will Emmett find out about Cece writing him? Will Cece give in and tell him it’s her that has been writing him?


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