My review for Electrokinetic by A.I. Martin and book information below:

My review for


by A.I. Martin 

(Electro #1) 

4 out 5 stars!

This book has lots of everything.

Love, some sci-fi, twist, villians, and adventure. 
Helia is a modified human who has Electrokinetic abilities. With her power she isn’t allowed to touch anyone, for fear she may seriously harm them or kill them. In her world she is more of a prisoner on Athena, she’s an engineer in weapons. But when her best friend and only friend gives her a pendant to wear to help her, it actually traps her power.
Things go from bad to worse when another government of soldiers working for Star, come to take over. And they want all the modified humans. Helia thought she was the only one. Learning of others just got more confusing to her. Does she trust the best friend who has been there for her? Or the friend from long ago? Or even the new recruit who says he knows so much. One thing is for sure this is a great twist, what will she do?? Will she overcome her fear of using her powers to save those she loves? Or give up and give in? Who has the real answers to her questions?


by A.I. Martin 

(Electro #1)

Publication date: February 7th 2017

Genres: New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Her touch is electric. Her heart is at war. Her existence is no longer her own.
On the military space station, Athena, everyone must contribute or risk being exiled to the barbaric planet, Kronos. A placement in Weapons Engineering is the only hope of becoming a recognized citizen of The Network for a genetically modified human like Helia Langdon. When she’s forced into training as a soldier, it becomes clear that she will always be as much a prisoner as the day she arrived.
But Athena isn’t the only one interested in Helia’s electrokinetic abilities.
Her best friend is trying to contain her powers. The boy who betrayed her is trying to shield them. An arrogant new Recruit has plans to use them.

An entire army wants to unleash them.
To uncover the truth about her past and the plans for her future, Helia must do the hardest thing she’s ever done.
Trust the enemy.
Electrokinetic is a YA/NA crossover and the first book in a continuing series.


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