My review for Any boy but you By Julie Hammerle

Any boy but you


Julie Hammerle

5 out of 5 stars!!

Oh my gosh I love this book.
I finished it in less then 5 hours.

That is how wonderful this book is.

Basically we have two families that hate each other from something that happened decades ago. So of course Elena Chestnut hates Oliver Prince just because of his name and vice versa. But when Elena’s best friend Harper becomes friends with the Princes, what can she do.

Then the town North Pole gets on board playing Stash Grab. You can win two free plane tickets and of course a gift card to spend at the Prince’s store.

Elena wants no part of it, but thinking she can win and really use the free plane tickets to go away with her friends for spring break starts playing in secret.

Oliver who designed the game, starts failing classes. So his parents take away all electronics except for his phone.

Oliver decides to play his own game under a fake email and name.

Soon secrets are formed and old secrets pop up about the two families, can Elena and Oliver get along long enough to uncover the past and make amends to save friendships and businesses? Will a new friendship form in an unlikely way? Or will everything crumble just when people start to get along?

Check this awesome book out!


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