My review for Riding on Whispers.  (Wolfegang #2) By Jillian Ashe

5 out of 5 stars!!!

This amazing book is so great. I mean wow. Being the second book in a series you always wonder if it will be as great as the first book.

Well it was even better I think.

Because not only do we learn that Katerina is not entirely human anymore, but her brother may not be either. Katerina heals so much faster then a human does. So she has to hide this from everyone, including hiding that she is comes from the past.. 500 hundred years ago past.

Only Ricky the alien who can read her mind knows Katerina’s secrets. Because now she can also speak to Ricky using her mind. Whatever the doctors injected into her has enhanced her mind and everything.

Chase Wolfe the captain is falling for Katerina, but still wants to know her secrets.. Why doesn’t she know where her brother is? How did she lose him? How can she seem like she heals quicker then others?

When Chase decides to go to a army base with clues about Kris, Katerina’s brother things don’t go as planned.

This base is suppose to be so secret, and getting on it and off of it will be very hard to do. Will Katerina finally open up about her past to Chase and allow him to really help her? Will her brother Kris be at this secret base? Or will it be more clues to a never ending puzzle? 


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