My review for My Delicate Destruction.  ( Wolfegang #1 ) By Jillian Ashe

My review for

My Delicate Destruction

( Wolfegang # 1 )


Jillian Ashe

5 out of 5 stars!

This book takes place way in the future and that is awesome. However not for Katerina, she misses her life which is now the past.
Katerina ends up in the hospital and finds out she has cancer and only six months left to live. Her twin brother Kris has cancer as well. So when the doctor presents a solution that may work… Katerina decides to take it and her brother signs up. But this isn’t some ordinary cure, this is being frozen for two years and being injected with meds to help cure the cancer.
However things don’t go as planned because Katerina wakes up 500 hundred years later. And see’s earth and home are no longer what they were. Also her brother is missing.

So she goes on a mission to find her brother, he has left a clue but she doesn’t understand it.

Katerina meets some interesting people who will help her find her brother. She boards a ship that can go to other planets.  This is such a cool fun read, I have already started the second book. 


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