My review for The Limbo Tree By T.N. Suarez

​My review for

The Limbo Tree


T.N. Suarez

4 out of 5 stars!
What can I say about this book?

It was an adventure for sure, and at times a little bit sad.

Although I was confused almost halfway through this book.

It does make sense and it all comes together and you are left with your mouth open thinking to yourself wow.

Sam is 14 and we learn that she has suppressed memories from an accident that happened to her.

Sam becomes good friends with Hazel an older woman who lives next door to her. When one day Sam goes to visit she realizes Hazel is missing and can’t find her. Another family moves into the house. Sam becomes friends friends with Elliot and that’s when things become strange and great.

Can Sam figure out what is real and what isn’t before it’s to late?

Drunk on you by Harper Sloan. Cover Reveal and links to pre-order below:



By Harper Sloan


Release Day: March 14

It was supposed to be fun. 

A mutual use of each other’s bodies. 

To be a ruse to the world around us. 

I wanted to be free from my ex, and he wanted to escape his. 
One drunken night turned a joke into a life-changing moment. 

He warned me not to fall for him, and I should’ve listened. 
He intoxicated me. 

He made me crave him. 

He ruined me. 

In the end, I’ll never be the same.

Drunk on You

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About the Author:

Harper is a NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL and USA TODAY bestselling author residing in Georgia with her husband and three daughters. She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books, hibachi, tattoos and Game of Thrones. When she isn’t writing you can almost always find her with a book in hand.

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My review for Pushing the Boundaries by Stacey Trombley and author information and giveaway information and links to buy all below:

5 out of 5 stars!

Myra is a young girl who wants to go to art school, she thinks that by going along with what her mother wants she may get what she wants.

Myra’s mother is a doctor and has a non profit organization that runs a clinic in Haiti. Her mother brings Myra along on her week to visit the clinic with other doctors and volunteers.

Myra just goes hoping she can take pictures with her camera and submitt it to win money for college.

Then Myra meets Elias a Haitian and she thinks this trip might get better after all.

But Myra learns so much more from her week there. She learns how people truly live and Elias opens her eyes to everything. However with her mother telling her to stay away and Elias’s job on the line will be stay away from this girl. Because if he loses his job then his family loses the extra income. This book is great, I feel Myra learned so much in such a short time about herself and others. 

Elias learned he is strong enough to overcome a lot of different roads.

Check this book out for a great read, learn just a little bit about what people will do for others. 

Myra goes to Haiti with one goal: take the photograph that will win a scholarship and prove to her uber-traditional family that she has what it takes to be a photographer instead of a doctor. Her camera has always been her shield against getting too close to anyone, but she didn’t expect the hot teen translator who has an ability to see past her walls.
Elias needs his job as a translator to provide for his siblings. He can’t afford to break the rule forbidding him from socializing with a client. Except this girl Myra insists on going outside the city to capture the perfect picture, and he steps in as her guide in order to keep her safe.
The deeper they travel into the country, the harder they fall for each other. Now they’re both taking risks that could cost each other their dreams.
If they get too close—it could ruin both their lives.

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Pushing the Boundaries Prize Pack including:

* Signed copy of Naked by Stacey Trombley

* Signed copy of Pushing the Boundaries by Stacey Trombley

* Haitian Art as shown in the photo

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Stacey Trombley lives in Ohio with her husband and the sweetest Rottweiler you’ll ever meet. She thinks people are fascinating and any chance she has, she’s off doing or learning something new. She went on her first mission trip to Haiti at age twelve and is still dying to go back. Her “places to travel” list is almost as long as her “books to read” list.
Her debut novel Naked released from Entangled Teen in 2015. Find her online at and on twitter @trombolii.

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My review for Riding on Whispers.  (Wolfegang #2) By Jillian Ashe

5 out of 5 stars!!!

This amazing book is so great. I mean wow. Being the second book in a series you always wonder if it will be as great as the first book.

Well it was even better I think.

Because not only do we learn that Katerina is not entirely human anymore, but her brother may not be either. Katerina heals so much faster then a human does. So she has to hide this from everyone, including hiding that she is comes from the past.. 500 hundred years ago past.

Only Ricky the alien who can read her mind knows Katerina’s secrets. Because now she can also speak to Ricky using her mind. Whatever the doctors injected into her has enhanced her mind and everything.

Chase Wolfe the captain is falling for Katerina, but still wants to know her secrets.. Why doesn’t she know where her brother is? How did she lose him? How can she seem like she heals quicker then others?

When Chase decides to go to a army base with clues about Kris, Katerina’s brother things don’t go as planned.

This base is suppose to be so secret, and getting on it and off of it will be very hard to do. Will Katerina finally open up about her past to Chase and allow him to really help her? Will her brother Kris be at this secret base? Or will it be more clues to a never ending puzzle? 

Pre-Order now : The Wicked Ever After series By Nazarea Andrews.

*PRE-ORDER IS UP!* The WICKED EVER AFTER series by Nazarea Andrews is now available for pre-order. The first book, WICKED CHARMING, will be releasing on February 13! 





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WICKED CHARMING (Coming February 13) 
He’s at the top of the world. 
He’s rich, sought after, and in control. 
And he’s bored. 
A string of one-night stands have left Samul Charming increasingly dissatisfied. When his mother pushes him to settle down, his best friends come up with a brilliant plan: 
Audition the submissives at The Kingdom. 
The problem is, Charm knows who he wants: the only girl to challenge him, while submitting as naturally as breathing. 
But he can’t have her. 
With the entire club watching and his parents expecting him to marry soon, Charm decides to settle. 
But love in the Kingdom is never simple and it is never painless. 
And Charm is about to be reminded of that. 

WICKED BEAST (Coming February 20)
James “Beast” Lutz isn’t like his friends. 
He doesn’t crave control the way Charm and Mal do, and he doesn’t play the games Wolf thrives on. 
He lives on his knees, all of his strength bent to the will of his Domme. 
He’s never regretted that, until now. 
Now, when he’s trapped in an arrangement serving a Domme who can’t keep a sub. 
Now, when he’s not sure how to trust a woman wrapped in mystery and less sure he wants to. 
But the more he gets to know the Domme everyone knows as Beauty, the more Beast realizes everything he thought he knew was wrong. 
My knees ache, my back stings from the cane. And then she kisses me, and it’s delicate. It’s as soft as she has ever been with me, all gentle pressure and the tentative nip of teeth. It drags a groan from me and I want to reach for her. 
And it terrifies me. 

WICKED WOLF (Coming February 27)
Charles Wolf Blackwood likes the game. He likes chasing a new girl every week, loves seducing them and earning their trust. He doesn’t like to keep them. 
Until he meets Scarlet. 
The chase has never been quite as intoxicating as it is with her, the feisty sub with an innocent streak a mile wide. And for the first time, he wants to keep her, but Scarlet already has a Dom, and Hunter has no intentions of giving her up. 
Both Wolf and Hunter are in for a surprise when they realize Scarlet doesn’t want one of them. 
She’s playing to keep them both.


Wicked Ever After: 

It’s the dirtiest fairy tale of all…. 
Charm. Beast. Wolf. 
Everyone in the Kingdom–an exclusive, decadent BDSM club–knows the three friends and business partners. 
But no one has ever gotten close enough to touch them. 
Sex is easy, even when it hurts. It’s all any of them wanted. 
Love is off the table. 
Love is the thing none of them ever saw coming. 
In the Kingdom, control is everything. Who wields it and who surrenders. 
But some things even they can’t control. 
Welcome to the Kingdom, where every happily ever after hurts in the most wicked of ways. 


Author Bio:

Nazarea Andrews (N to almost everyone) is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. Which means she writes everything from zombies and dystopia to contemporary love stories. When not writing, she can most often be found driving her kids to practice and burning dinner while she reads, or binging watching TV shows on Netflix. N loves chocolate, wine, and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, spoiled cat and overgrown dog. She is the author of World Without End series, Neverland Found, Edge of the Falls, and The University of Branton Series. Stop by her twitter (@NazareaAndrews) and tell her what fantastic book she should read next.

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My review for My Delicate Destruction.  ( Wolfegang #1 ) By Jillian Ashe

My review for

My Delicate Destruction

( Wolfegang # 1 )


Jillian Ashe

5 out of 5 stars!

This book takes place way in the future and that is awesome. However not for Katerina, she misses her life which is now the past.
Katerina ends up in the hospital and finds out she has cancer and only six months left to live. Her twin brother Kris has cancer as well. So when the doctor presents a solution that may work… Katerina decides to take it and her brother signs up. But this isn’t some ordinary cure, this is being frozen for two years and being injected with meds to help cure the cancer.
However things don’t go as planned because Katerina wakes up 500 hundred years later. And see’s earth and home are no longer what they were. Also her brother is missing.

So she goes on a mission to find her brother, he has left a clue but she doesn’t understand it.

Katerina meets some interesting people who will help her find her brother. She boards a ship that can go to other planets.  This is such a cool fun read, I have already started the second book.