My review for Oppression by Jessica Therrien

4 out of 5 stars!

This book is fantastic. It sucks you in because you are thinking wow this young girl has to live in secret from everyone but her family. Elyse doesn’t make friends nor go on dates to keep her secret hidden. The secret is she doesn’t age like everyone else. Only a couple of people outside her family knows this. However as time goes on basically years because she is 80 but looks 18. Her secret is found out and not only is it found out, there are others just like her. Who have different powers or abilities. But they are called Descendants the Greeks consider them Gods.

Elyse meets William who teaches her about others and a school just for them and the way of life for everyone who is different from them. Elyse is unsure about everything from living in secret for so many years. Can she trust William to help her? There are others who find out and want to get rid of her, but with William by her side can she escape them and really have a life she has always wanted? This book is an adventure and scifi and little romance. I say pick this book up if you like these sort of things.

I love this book and the series so far. So check this book out now on Amazon or where ever you like to buy books.


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