My review for Infinity By Jus Accardo

Also guys it’s on sale today

My review for



Jus Accardo

4 out of 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟
At first this book was a little crazy trying to figure a few things out. Your thinking okay here is a girl who loves doing her artwork on walls and gets in trouble. Her dad being a general in all finds babysitters for her. But it turns into so much more. Kori doesn’t like to have someone watch over her. When she gets two someone’s that are semi close to her age she dislikes it even more. 

Of course Kori sneaks out again to look at her wall of art before the mayor has it painted over.

What she isn’t expecting is a young guy trying to kill her for something she has no clue about. But her two babysitters find her in time. But as the secrets are revealed Kori doesn’t know who to believe or trust?

Could there really be parallel dimensions?Alternate universe’s where there are more of her? Another Mom? Dad?

Kori finds out real quick these two hired babysitters aren’t just there to watch and protect her. They are there to save others as well from Dylan. Can Kori be saved and come to terms with skipping to different dimensions to save others that are her in a different earth? Will she fall for Cade the guy her other self is suppose to be with in other worlds? I loved how this book makes you think hmm could this really happen? Is there another you somewhere living a different life? Looking forward to reading book # 2.


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