Under Ground – book 1 By Alice Rachel

​My review for 

Under Ground – book 1


Alice Rachel

5 out of 5 stars!
This story is so great in the way that it brings you into it. New York is no longer this great place to live really. Actually from the sounds of it no place is really.

People are controlled on what they do and can have. For instance if your a poor family you aren’t allowed children. If your middle class your allowed one child. Also your family picks out your match. Women aren’t worth anything really. Men control everything. For Thia’s family she is suppose to marry William whose status is a little better off then her.
But Thia doesn’t agree with any of this. She starts thinking maybe this isn’t how it should be. She meets Chi, who falls for her. They start to meet in secret cause if found out they could be punished.

William finds out and things go from bad to worse. Thia learns that there is a rebellion against the government.

Will Thia learn more then she has bargained for? Check out this book to find out.


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