My review for The Departed By Kristy Cooper

My review for

The Departed


Kristy Cooper

5 out of 5 stars!
Oh my do I really like this book.

The very first page sucked me in. I was thinking this is going to be a very very interesting book.

We first know something is amiss when Gwen’s best friend Lana doesn’t answer her texts and phone calls. You think we’ll maybe Lana did get grounded. But Gwen didn’t think Lana would miss school and neither did their best friend Mindy. As they head to their classes everyone starts hearing about people missing from all over the world. But not just a few here and there… There hundred thousand people.

Without any trace, just disappeared in the middle of the night. Everyone starts coming up with theories and one of the theories is that a rapture is coming soon.

Gwen doesn’t believe exactly and her friend Isaiah doesn’t either.  Soon Gwen starts getting emails from someone claiming to be Lana. Gwen wants to believe it’s from her best friend Lana, so Isaiah and Gwen set out to uncover the truth behind the lies. But will the truth be to much? Can they uncover it in time? Find out all the answers in this book.


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