My review for There once were stars By Melanie McFarlan.

​There once were stars


Melanie McFarlane
5 out of 5 stars!
Oh my goodness this book is awesome. Right from the start. We meet Natalia, the main character and she lives in a dome with her grandparents along with the rest of her little city. They had built the dome long before May was born to keep the infected people out and radation. Even though they had a cleansing war to remove the infected they have to stay in the dome. 

One day Nat goes to the outer forest to be alone and see’s two outsiders. Now they are told by the order which is their idea of a government that there are no outsiders. No life outside the dome.

From there things only start getting strange and secrets are becoming revealed. 

Nat meets the outsider Evan who reveals more truth about the dome and maybe how her parents really died. 

But Nat doesn’t want to believe Evan, but she thinks the order must be lying because here is Evan from the outside and he’s not infected.

They start working together and she soon realizes there are other people who are rebels. That are against the order and want out of the dome. But with all the lies and very little truth she’s been told all her life… Who can she trust? Evan the outsider? Or Jak her best friend for years? What is the director of the order hiding from everyone?

I don’t want to give spoilers. So please just check out this book. And I hope there will be a second book……


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