My review for Chasing Power by Constance Phillips

​My review for

Chasing Power 


Constance Phillips

5 out of 5 stars
This book is amazing. From the very beginning it was like wow.

I mean I haven’t read the two books before it, but it wasn’t an issue because you could catch on quick with everything.

We meet Keiran who is a protector over fairy population. He doesn’t trust anyone or humans. So when his sister who is having twin babies he becomes extra cautious about them and the surrounding area.

Tara the Grandmother of the babies on the father’s side is hiding something… You don’t know if Tara is truly honest and has good intentions or wants to be by the twins for power, that she no longer has.

Tara brings along doctor Annie to have check over the twins who is a human.

From there things get complicated with Annie not knowing they are fairies.

Not to give away any spoilers really…

But Annie has an attraction to Keiran and the same goes for Kieran for Annie.

Will Keiran be able to look past Annie being human?? Will be find out the threat who is harming his sister to get to the twins??

Read and find out!!!


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