Kissed by fire by Danielle Annette

​My review for

Kissed by Fire

Book 2


Danielle Annette

5 out of 5 stars
This book was also fast paced as the first book and I love that. Now we see Aria struggling and coming to terms with her mother being alive after all this time. And she works for the enemy or is the enemy?

Aria also learns there are so many more people just like her.

But Aria gets closer with the shifter pack and becomes a friend of sorts.

Her feelings for Inarus are complicated, she likes him but doesn’t trust him or the cause that he is working for… 

Then there is Declan the alpha of the shifter pack… He bugs Aria to no end.

Can Aria figure out who is behind helping her mother destroy the shifter packs? Is it the coven of Vampires? 

I just loved this book and looking forward to reading another in this series.


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