Live by the Team By Cindy Skaggs

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Live by the Team

By Cindy Skaggs

4 out of 5 stars!

Wow this book is great. You start to wonder if Ryder is just crazy from being with the military or something. Ryder doesn’t have fear for anything. His team and him are there for each other and when something happens to one of them… It happens to all of them.

So when Ryder feels leaving his wife is for the best. Ryder does it, leaves Lauren without a word. 

Lauren waited for Ryder to return, but after 6 months she gave up. Had to move on with her life without the man she loves.

Just when Lauren thinks things won’t get any worse… Ryder shows up like he’s never actually been gone.

Things really change from there..

Lauren thinks Ryder is just being paranoid about everything…

But between Ryder’s secrets and their marriage basically over can they rebuild?

Ryder believes Lauren is in danager, can he make her realize that she is? Ryder only wants to stay long enough to protect her, but can he protect her from him?

While on the run, Lauren learns more about Team Fear… Can she get Ryder to stay and not run? Will they be found?

Check out the first book in this series.

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