MoonBurner By Claire Luana

My review for



Claire Luana

4 out of 5 stars
This book is really amazing. I do like how all of the characters were written.

Kai having to pretend that she is a boy for almost 18 years of her life is crazy. But it’s a secret that she has to maintain to keep herself alive in her village. For they don’t allow MoonBurners there. But that’s just one of many secrets that Kai knows. Kai finds out so much more as she is exposed. Now I won’t say how… For I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

Kai soon meets other MoonBurners that are in training to become masters. She learns not everything is as it seems or hopes it would be. Feeling like she is all alone in everything, she makes some great friends who truly become like sister’s.

Kai also learns there is a war between the MoonBurners and SunBurners. You see MoonBurners are only women and SunBurners are only Male’s. They both want to end each race. Kai wants peace, she doesn’t understand why there has to be a war. So with some help of her friends they form a plan to end the war.

We meet Hiro the crown Prince for the SunBurners who feels the same way as Kai about the war. But together can they expose a horrible secret and stop the war? Can everyone get along and forget about their hate? Years of hate..

This book is pretty awesome. It took 3 days for me to read this.


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