Without You by Lindsay Detwiler

​My review for

Without you


Lindsay Detwiler

4 out of 5 stars
Although I did like this book because it was a different read for me. Jenna one of the main characters kind of annoyed me.

I mean I kind of understood that she wanted something more out of life, besides just doing the same old things with her husband. But she never really truly talked with him I believe. Jenna kind of just blew up at him and then took a business trip. 

So while Jenna is off having fun and trying to find herself Camden her husband is left miserable not knowing where they stand.

He meets Vi who is great and easy to talk with and Camden starts forgetting about being miserable. Vi starts falling for Camden but knows it’s wrong because he’s married.

Can Jenna realize what she has before she loses Camden? Will Camden decide not to wait around for Jenna? Will Vi find another guy perfect for her?


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