Profited by Lacey Black

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Lacey Black

4 out of 5 stars.
Another quick read or maybe it’s because I couldn’t put it down. This book is really amazing. First we meet Reid, who is graduating from college. Reid is on his last great summer before he has to work for his father. Reid isn’t happy about it, but doesn’t know how to get out of it. Because it’s the family business. And for that reason Reid feels becoming heartless is better for himself. But then he see’s Dani sitting alone in the dirt upset. He tries to walk past her unnoticed…  

After convincing Dani to hang out for a night with him and his friends one thing lead to another. Both promising all they can give is just one night. That one night changed everything for both of them.

Almost 8 years later we see Dani is a school teacher and single mom. Living with her sister who helps her out. Dani always said if she ever found her son’s father she would tell him…

Reid is now a billion dollar business man, taking over casino’s and other businesses.

True to his word he stayed cold and heartless. But he always goes back to that one night that he felt love. 

When both Dani and Reid’s lives intertwine again, will they make it work? Or close off the feelings they still have for each other? Can Reid open his heart?

Check this book out. Takes you on a ride of emotions. You root for them. You get annoyed that they don’t do what you want.


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