Beautiful By Ella Boredeaux– Review

My review for



Ella Boredeaux

4 out of 5 stars!

Can I just say wow?? These characters and book are great

From the start we already feel for Skylar.

Something happens to her and you just think what the hell.. But when she tells what happens friends don’t really believe her and shun her. So Skylar starts to keep to herself and make it through high school without causing any attention to herself.

So who would of thought a new guy Wyatt who is happy to start fresh at a new school catches her eye.

Wyatt meets Skylar and in that first moment he instantly likes her.. Despite people trying to steer him away from tainted Skylar. He doesn’t for a moment believe what is said about Skylar.

Skylar not sure Wyatt will like her after hearing everything they say about her, she tries to keep him away.

This book is great and the feels to go with it are like wow… You just want these characters to over come everything to make it work. I’m really looking forward to the second book. Because I’m not ready to let these characters go.


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