The Sound of us Review


My review for

The sound of us


Julie Hammerle

5 out of 5 stars

First off I read this book in 5 hours.

I could not put it down. I read all night.

I love this book and I’m wishing there will be more. These characters were so awesome.

Kiki is the main character, she has self doubts and never thinks highly of herself. Her best friend Beth isn’t really a great friend at all. When Kiki gets accepted into Krause a college that has a music program. A summer camp they have for students. Beth doesn’t get accepted, so in turn she sabotages Their friendship. Making Kiki doubt herself even more. But at camp she becomes herself she meets new people and becomes friends with them. They like her for her. Kiki tried to shed her tv fanatic self from the “cool” kids.

Its there she finds love and heartbreak and friendships. Brie and Kendra and Norman and Andy, Seth and then there is Jack. Each having something that they want to change about themselves. Not wanting to give everything away. But wow I love this character. She’s into tv shows and such and a great character.

Kiki’s whole life is about tv and movies, not thinking she’s good enough for anything or anyone. This book is about learning about yourself and maybe taking a chance on things you normally wouldn’t.


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