Fortune – Review


My review for



Tia Giacalone

5 out of 5 stars

I read this book in 2 days. It was that good.

Now this story is told from two points of views. Tommy Fortune and Cassandra.

We meet Cassandra who is a waitress but an inspiring Artist. She sells freelance art to help make ends meet with her waitress job. Her best friend Maya works with her and they both love High Road Divide a rock pop band. So when Cassandra wins two tickets for their concert, it would seem luck is finally starting to happen for her.

Tommy just wanting to get away just got the evening with no more planes. Is told he would find some peace and quiet, not many people would recognize him at a restaurant.

It’s there where Tommy and Cassandra’s lives change.Β 

Tommy who has never really believed in love, falls for Cassandra who treats him like any other person. Cassandra thinking since Tommy is a rock star who only wants a great time with whomever doesn’t want to trust him or her feelings for him.

But as she takes a trip with him, she learns way more about herself and taking chances. Can Cassandra trust Tommy and his feelings and find her dream? Will Tommy give in to self doubt and believe whatever rumors?

I really wish this book would be a series or even just another book. I really enjoyed these characters and the background characters of the band and Cassandra’s best friend Maya.


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