The fallen Prince by Amalie Howard

My review for

The fallen prince


Amelia Howard

4 out of 5 stars

This book is # 2 in a series of the Riven Chronicles. However you don’t have to read the very first one before this one. I’am currently now reading the first one The Almost Girl. 

I really enjoyed this book. We meet Riven a female that has nanoplasm for blood, a machine and human.

She is in the hunt for her father, the one who made her this way. Riven is out for revenge for all that he has done.

But when the king of the other world needs her help and the fate of Neospes rest in her coming back and working with her father to help those people.

She has to put aside her revenge to help the king who she is in love with.

Caden the young king, is torn by his duty to help his people and doing what he wants by being with Riven.

Their world is being taking over by reptiles and half bred animals made through creations. Riven and Caden and some friends head to another place to make alliances to save his people and world. However it means he will not be able to be with Riven.

But however there are secrets and a spie within their group who want the other world to end. Can Riven trust anyone? Will she figure out what’s really going on before to late? Will she let her feelings for Caden cloud her judgement on the mission that has to be done?


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