Review for Artifacts

My review for Artifacts


Pete Catalano

5 out of 5 stars!

This was a great read and I recommend it for younger kids that are in middle school or younger.

I finished this book rather quickly, just because it was funny and fun.

Lots of adventure with this book.

We meet Jax,Korie, Crunch,Tank, and Mouth. They are all ready for school to be out and to go to summer camp.

However there is a problem… Crunch gets in trouble with a teacher who thinks he has copied a report from his older brother.

They fix that issue only to have the teacher say Crunch needs to do extra credit to pass English. Which sends them all on an adventure to pass class and have fun.

The assignment is to find artifacts that go with fairy tales. But it leads them to trying to find a real treasure to change all the fairy tales forever.

They meet the lost boys and Captain Hook.

Not wanting to give anymore details away, I would for sure recommend giving this book a read through either for yourself or young boys and girls.


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