Winging it– My review

My review for

Winging it


Cate Cameron

5 out of 5 stars

I just loved these characters… This book was a quick read for me. Read it in one day. We meet Nat who loves hockey and use to play when she was younger with her best friend Toby. But when Toby got signed on with the Raiders hockey league. They drifted apart. Mostly because Nat didn’t think she was good enough to play on a women’s hockey league.

Toby started dating Dawn, so Nat did see Toby all the time until they broke up.

But Nat has her eye on Scott, Toby’s cousin who is a bit of a jerk.

Nat comes up with a plan to get Scott to notice her. She ask Toby to fake date her since Scott always goes after who ever Toby is dating.

However once they start fake dating they both start to realize they do really like each other. But don’t want to admit it to one another. They plan works so well.. But will Nat change her mind and see Scott for the jerk he is and let Toby know her true feelings for him? Will Toby open up and tell Nat or hide his feelings to make her happy?


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