The Natural History of us By Rachel Harris

The Natural History of us


Rachel Harris

5 out of 5 stars.

This book was beautifully written.

I enjoyed this book a lot.

Its about an ex couple that gets a second chance at making it right, that neither of them knew they really wanted and needed.

Peyton is a girl who would go and do things boldly because of what she went through before starting her freshman year in high school. She meets Justin and falls for him knowing he could hurt her, because of his player rep he has. Justin doesn’t believe in love he see’s how it is at home with his family. He doesn’t believe he is worthy of Peyton’s love or anyone’s. So he aims to mess things up with Peyton thinking it’s what’s best that he will only hurt her later anyways.3 years later and Peyton hasn’t forgotten what Justin did to her and what it’s cost. She can’t wait to graduate, however her feelings are still the same no matter how she tries to forget Justin.

A class project pairs Justin and Peyton together. Justin realizes he gets a second chance with Peyton… Can he fix the damage he caused and get back the one he has always loved?? Peyton just wants to get the project over with and hide her feelings.. Will she learn the truth about what really happened 3 years ago?


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