Challenged By Ryan Michele



Ryan Michele

4 out of 5 stars!

This book has bad boys, bikes and love. What more can you ask for in a book?

Trix is the good girl who falls for Cade the bad boy in high school. Because of Cade’s family’s business he drops Trix thinking that’s what’s best to keep her safe.

Years go by and Trix runs a business of her own learning from her father. A strip club and she has sworn off love and can even be called a cold bitch. But she ends up lending one of her employee’s money and expect it back.  However believing that she’s run off and not paying it back, she learns that the female has been seen at Cade’s club. So she turns to him to find her.  Cade can’t believe his luck that he can see Trix again the girl he fell in love with. However he’s not the same boy she knew way back when. He goes by Spook or boss man. Having taken over his family’s business. He sets out to show her he wants her back and is not letting her go this time.

However Trix doesn’t want anything to do with Cade and doesn’t care if he wants her back. But soon she realizes that Cade is no longer the boy she fell for.. He’s all man now and knows what he wants and that’s Trix. Can she fight her feelings and urges for Cade long enough to find her employee? Can she believe what she learns about her father’s side business? Can she ever forgive Cade? Can he save her in time?

Great read, looking forward to the next book.


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