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 Inside Sheoul, the demon realm sometimes called Hell, evil was everywhere.

It dripped off the sides of the sheer rock walls in streaks of black acid that ate into the stone with a hiss. It wafted through the humid air on tendrils of mist that reeked of sulfur and decaying flesh. And, as Vex watched, it oozed like toothpaste from out of a fissure in midair that only people like her could see.

Her purple-tipped black hair, already short and spiky, stood even more on end as the thing squeezing out of the fissure, a dead demon’s soul, popped free of whatever realm and mystical enclosure it had been inside. The toothpastey glob took a transparent, vaguely humanoid shape, but its glowing crimson eyes were sharp and clear. A malevolent wave of rage and hate rolled off the soul, and Vex backed away, even though escape was impossible for her.

She was what her parents had called a daemani, a demon soul magnet, a person to whom souls stuck like glue. According to them, most daemanis couldn’t prevent it from happening, and that was a serious pain in the ass. If a demon died near Vex, not even the Grim Reaper’s personaldaemanis, creatures calledgriminions, had a chance to collect the soul before it got sucked into her and stored as a glyph on her skin.

The demon shrieked, a sound only she or another soul-sensitive person could hear, as it struggled to keep from being sucked into the prison of her body. In a futile attempt to avoid the inevitable, she fled, her booted feet nimbly negotiating the rock shard-strewn ground that was all too common in this part of Sheoul.

But no matter how fast she ran, every time she looked over her shoulder, the distance between her and the soul had decreased. Closer. Closer.


Mystique By Shari Arnold



Shari Arnold

4 out of 5 stars

This book was crazy from the start. But a good crazy. Like a X-Files crazy.

Starts off with a funeral for a high school student.. However Bauer doesn’t stay dead, he wakes up from being dead for 48 hours.

Suddenly after him it seems to be happening more and more. Pretty soon people are coming from all over to die and come back to life cured from whatever. We meet Presley who becomes friends with Bauer and his best friend Sam. Bauer feels connected to Presley in some way.

Together they try to uncover the mystery of what is so special about their town and why it’s happening.

Crazy stupid fauxmance

After Mariely Hinojosa and Cabot Wheeler both break up with their significant others at the same party, Mariely sees a way to get even with both of their exes. Everyone knows that the best way to get over a breakup is a hookup—a fake hookup, that is. Three weeks, all fun, no strings, and definitely no heartbreak at the end.

But somewhere between the sweet hand-holding and melt-your-mind kisses, their fake relationship starts to feel less like an act and more like the real thing…but Mariely’s a free-spirited girl from the other side of the tracks, and Cabot’s the hot trust-fund guy from the Hills.

They’d never work for real…

Mariely and Cabot Book 1 of 3

Mariely and Cabot Book 2 coming Winter 2017

My review for Crazy Stupid Fauxmance by Shellee Roberts

Crazy stupid fauxmance


Shellee Roberts

5 out 5 stars.

I love how this book has a revenge with a little twist. To get back at their ex’s they pretend to be together. Cabot is the hot rich guy who we find out is actually a nice guy. He agrees to go along with this fake hook up with Mariely who was dumped as well.

But what turns out as fake can be something real? Although friends don’t believe Cabot would date Mariely the girl who is on a scholarship. But their world’s are more similar than they realize the more time spent together.  Can they mend their broken hearts with each other and learn to trust again?? Or will they let their feelings for each other pass? Both not wanting to get hurt again are to scared to try again.

I hope there will be more to this book. I truly enjoyed reading this fun quick book.

Cover Reveal Spindle

Cover Reveal:  Spindle by Shonna Slayton presented by Entangled Teen with Giveaway



YA Historical Fantasy?  Retelling of Sleeping Beauty?

Welcome to the Cover Reveal for the

Spindle by Shonna Slayton

presented by Entanged Teen!

Fans of fairy-tale retellings, this one’s for you!


SPINDLE 1600x2400


From the author of Cinderella’s Dress, a brand-new standalone novel that retells the story of Sleeping Beauty, this time set during the Industrial Revolution.

Sleeping Beauty’s happily ever after isn’t the end of the story…

The evil fairy’s magic is still trapped in her unfulfilled curse, and the only way to release it is to see a girl to the death. But the spindle has been hidden away for centuries, until a peddler offers it to an unsuspecting mill girl during the Industrial Revolution.

Briar Jenny had planned to escape her life of poverty and hardship with Wheeler, an ambitious young man who plans to leave the valley and start his own business. Trouble is, he no longer cares for her, fancying the new girl who just moved into town to work at the cotton mill. When Briar tries to use the spindle to win back Wheeler’s heart and secure her future, she has no idea the power she has unleashed.

After pricking her finger on the magic spindle, she falls under a sleeping sickness that slowly claims her body bit by bit. It will take all her strength, to not only survive, but also break the curse and defeat the evil fairy for good.

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Book Title: Spindle
Author: Shonna Slayton
Release Date: Oct. 4, 2016
Genre: YA Historical Fantasy

Available for Pre-Order:
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Shonna Slayton


SHONNA SLAYTON writes historical fairy tales for Entangled TEEN. Cinderella’s Dress and Cinderella’s Shoes, set in the 1940s are out now. Spindle, a Sleeping Beauty inspired tale set in the late 1800s, will be out October 2016.

She finds inspiration in reading vintage diaries written by teens, who despite using different slang, sound a lot like teenagers today. When not writing, Shonna enjoys amaretto lattes and spending time with her husband and children in Arizona.

The best way to keep in touch is by signing up for her monthly newsletter. She sends out behind-the-scenes info you can’t read anywhere else. Sign up is on the sidebar of her website Shonna Slayton.

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