Personal Apocalypse by Nazarea Andrews

Personal Apocalypse By Nazarea Andrews

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

This was my first ever zombie book I have read.

It wasn’t to much like I have heard some are about zombies which was great for me.

This book was done tastefully.

Basically Josiah is the main character, who has been living within this world of zombies as a baby with his mother the doctor.

The doctor acidently is the one who made the virus.

The book is told from Parker and Josiah’s point of view. They go off with a few people to Africa to look for supplies like good and whatever. But things change from bad to worse. They think it’s empty there and they find zombies and people who live with them.

Check this book out…. If you want a little suspense…a little scare…and some love at the end of the world.


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