Dreamland by Robert L Anderson

My review:  4 out of 5 stars!

I liked reading this book. It was pretty cool to think what if??? What if we could walk other people’s dreams??? Anyhow this book has. descriptive style of writing which I enjoy. Dea the main character basically is considered an outsider always moving with her mother.  However Dea is not an ordinary girl, she is able to walk dreams. She has to in order to survive everyday life. She can take a personal item from someone and enter (walk) their dreams. But walking a dream comes with rules. When Dea meets Connor a cute boy she no longer wants to follow those same rules she has been following ever since she could walk.. She soon realises that Connor has some monsters he has to deal with in his nightmares that happened so long ago. Then Dea soon finds herself needing to confront some monsters of her own when her mother goes missing. Together they confront these monsters by helping each other. The falling action is towards the end and the climax is halfway through the book. Although they came to a resolution in the end I feel it was kind of left open ended. Like maybe there will be more to Dea’s story. I don’t think her story is completely done.


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