With the band by Natasha Preston

With the Band


Natasha Preston


                      5 out of 5 stars!

Let me start off by saying Kitt really does sound so hot. I really enjoyed his bad boy/sweet guy character.

Texas is so cool, she makes you like her instantly. Her best friend Peyton is funny just like Cooper. Texas’s dad is in a band and that is how Texas meets Kitt. Her dad’s band kind of like sponsors kitt’s band. They go on tour and she falls for kitt. I loved how each character brought something different to the story. Its basically told from Kitt and Texas’s point of view. So your allowed to get inside their head. This is a descriptive style writing and it was done so wonderfully.  With swoon worthy characters you can’t help but love them all. Pick this book up! It’s everything you think that happens on a tour with rock stars. Add in a rockstar’s daughter with 5 other rock star guys. You get laughter and dirty jokes and bets.


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